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Windsurf Equipment Rental (complete)
1 hour 27
3 hours 65
6 hours 123
10 hours 177
1/2 day 60
1 day 80
6-7 days 260
13-14 days 412
Additional day 30
4 out of 7 days - low season* 220
9 out of 14 days - low season* 347

*Low season is from the 1th of May to the15th of June and from the 15th of September to the 1st of November

-If you wish to rent just a board or sail the price is -40% of the listed price.
-Rental for an hour, half a day,1 day or more are offered in the center according to our daily stock availability. There is no possibility to book these options in advance.

Click here for the daily exchange rates.

Rental Conditions:  

The guests can book the board of their choice and keep it for the duration of the rental time.  

They can choose and use any sail among the ones available in our rig hall, any time during the opening hours and can change it any time.  

It is possible to try another board or change your board for the rental time, depending on the centre's availability.  

Our equipment is frequently renewed and
looked after in the best way possible.
The guests are entirely responsible for the equipment they are using.

Windsurfing Lessons and Training
(Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced)

Windsurf Lessons ( inc. Equipment and Instruction)
1 hour taster 40
6 hours beginners course 170
1 hour refresher 40
6 hours improvement course* 186
6 hours intermediate course** 202
6 hours advanced course*** 209
1 hour private instruction 57
6 hour private instruction 254
* Improvment course content: Sailing techiques, stance and manouvers including
faster tacking, gybing, beach starts and introduction to harness.
** Intermediate course content: Introduction to planing, improved harness
technique and footstraps.
*** Advanced course content: waterstart, carve gybe and or even shakas


If you want to cover the equipment against breakage that may happen during your usage, you can get insurance at our centre, 10 for 1 day, 35 for first week and 25 for subsequent weeks. Additional day charge is 5 €.


You can store you personal equipment in our centre from 50 a week (1 board & 2 sails) including use of centre facilities. And 35 for subsequent weeks.

-Rental and course prices are subject to change without notice.
-All the above prices are for bookings in advance only and can differ from the local prices.

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