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We are on Aegean cost of Turkey and we profit from these exceptional weather conditions; like 6 months of blue sky, warm sun, a climate without dampness and the good wind called Meltemi.

This is a huge thermal system born in the Black Sea and blowing down the Aegean.
As soon as the temperature start to get warmer, the thermal difference between the sea water and the air gives us the constant wind blowing sometimes 25 days per month.

The Meltemi season is from May till October; 6 months of good conditions.

Fener beach is on the extreme south west corner of Bodrum peninsula. This creates the strongest Meltemi's around Bodrum and we also profit from the local thermic acceleration and venturi system between the Turkish coast and the nearby Greek island of Kos (max distance 6 miles).

There can be no wind at all around Bodrum and not even in nearby Turgutreis but as soon as you get closer to the spot and see the lighthouse you will be surprised by the wind that you wouldn't have expected.

The windsurfing conditions are ideal for beginners and intermediate in the mornings; usually force 3 to 4 and practicable for every level.

The wind gets stronger between 11 and 12 o'clock in the afternoon; force 5-6 and some days 7.

Nearby the shore the sea is mostly flat for the first few hundred metres (which leaves a good practice area for beginners) and gets into free ride conditions further out.

Just little changes of wind direction give remarkably different conditions. A few degrees change from west to north can give flat seas or a turn to a more west direction gives good waves. You can practice different conditions on the same area. Choose from small waves to a swell of 1 to 1,5m for jumps.

The water is warm: 20 degrees in May, 24 degrees in August and 22 degrees in October.

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